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The Worldwide Aerospace Titanium Castings Leader

Oregon-based Selmet, Inc., is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of titanium castings up to 45 inches in diameter for the aerospace industry. We’re especially proud of the quality control we have built into our manufacturing process through the integration of new technologies and innovative techniques. In 2012, Selmet became a Gold Supplier to UTC.

Selmet Incorporated Pouring Molten Titanium Selmet Incorporated Digital 3D Scanning Selmet Incorporated Coating a wax mold Selmet Incorporated Viewing an X-ray of a cast Selmet Incorporated machining parts

Chemical Mill Expansion

Chemical Mill Expansion Selmet Incorporated

Selmet is in the final phase of completing a new state-of-the-art Chemical Milling Facility. This new facility improves employee safety and minimizes the company’s environmental footprint while increasing production capability in both part size and throughput. In addition, the facility is designed to significantly improve overall production process capability by maintaining tighter control of key processing parameters such as chemical concentration, bath temperature and circulation, and dissolved solids loading. The new facility will also include the installation of a new waste treatment facility which places a focus on the recycling and reuse of processing chemistry and waste water, as well as the modernization of installed air abatement equipment.